Daesy Dialogue Workshops

I offer interactive workshops for parents, caregivers and teachers.

I offer interactive workshops packed with real life examples and all important ‘Q & A’ time that builds confidence and equips parents, caregivers and teachers to promote emotional growth in a constructive and healthy way.

With over ten years experience of working with young children and talking about emotions I’ve created The Daesy Dialogue. It is an easy-to-use talking tool kit that provides prompts and practical suggestions for how to get conversations started about emotions using my picture books and beyond my stories into everyday life.

To find out more about my parent and teacher workshops contact me.

What People Are Saying...

“The books really resonated with our children and were a wonderful starting point for some honest conversations.”


“It was excellent to consider our work & be self reflective about the things we do without realising e.g. making assumptions / setting boundaries. I felt it gave us an accessible framework that would allow us to go further in what we would like to achieve. We were able to unpick our ideas for a project next week & rethink it immediately afterwards.”
Drama Teacher


“Her high energy was much appreciated and her presentation was extremely inspiring”


“So insightful, high energy and thoughtful. Very impressed with the session”