School Visits

I am a bespoke storyteller for emotional wellbeing. I run engaging and interactive storytelling workshops for young children, Nursery to early Key Stage 2.

I ensure all my sessions complement curriculum learning at the time of the booking and include: 

  • Reading a selection of stories, depending on the age and needs of the children. 
  • Exploration of the emotional, physiological and social aspects of the stories. Discussions are encouraged throughout the session, both during and after the story, using The Daesy Dialogue, that engage young children in conversations for emotional wellbeing. 
  • Opportunities to learn about empathy. 
  • Activities to promote expression and reflection, consolidate learning, and experiment with new emotional vocabulary. 
  • Free PDF downloadable resource packs with book-related activities, fun crafts and games which ensure pupils can continue having conversations about emotional wellbeing after my visit – see   ACTIVITIES >
  • Photos and stories of my dachshund hotel – The Little Paws Hotel. 

What People Are Saying...

“The children were eager and comfortable to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with Clare who valued each child’s contributions. It was a wonderful experience for children and teachers alike.”  Reception Teacher


“A big thank you from the Year 3 team for a wonderful couple of sessions, the children were clearly totally absorbed and loved the books, which touched on some very important issues that affect us all.”  Year 3 Teacher


“The books really resonated with our children and were a wonderful starting point for some honest conversations.”                                             Parent attending a workshop


“Thank you for being so amazing with our children and inspiring them to be themselves and talk about their feelings.”  Deputy Head Teacher