About Me

Hello, my name is Clare and I’m an author, storyteller and speaker.

I run Head 2 Heart books, a small independent publishing company, writing and producing thoughtful rhyming picture books that address head and heart matters. I have a passion for using my books to help young children, aged three to eight years old, explore their thoughts and feelings and get meaningful conversations started. I lead interactive storytelling workshops and sessions in schools with children from Nursery to early Key Stage 2.

I have written a handbook for adults, The Daesy Dialogue, that provides a step by step approach in how to get conversations started with young children to promote emotional growth. I travel to different educational settings presenting workshops on The Daesy Dialogue to parents, caregivers and teachers.

I also write children’s books for 10Publishing about the Christian faith.

Before becoming a full time writer I worked as an Occupational Therapist and Life Coach. These two careers have given me good foundations for writing about emotions and effective communication. I have held a passion for poetry writing since my teenage years and love encouraging young children and adults to find creative ways of talking about their thoughts and feelings.

I’m married, live in London, have two daughters and a dachshund called Wotsit.